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Lunch & Dinner Menu Entrées


Individuals, Groups, Institutions or Long-Term Contract Services.  


Are you looking for variety?  

There are lots of choices when it comes to ordering catered meals for lunch or dinner.  

When hosting an event, you want to provide delicious and nourishing meals that your attendees or group will enjoy, have it set up on time and nicely arranged and displayed.


Artisan Soul Fusion Comfort Foods with authentic flavors.


Select from our extensive meat & protein selections that include:  

Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish & Seafood, BBQ, and PESCO Vegetarian


Menu Cuisine Styles include:

Artisan Soul, Asian, Italian, Latin,

a blend of Tex-Mex and other Ethnic Specialty Items


Complete your menu with Appetizers, Salads and Side Piece Entrées

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Let's Eat!

Custom Select 

Here’s what you get if you hire the food specialist Bad & Bougee Foodz for your next lunch or dinner event:


·        Menu Planning Assistance – We will make sure that all aspects of your event are covered.


·        Menu Customization – We will make sure that your expectations and desired needs are met, to include special dietary needs.


·        On-Time Delivery and Setup and Equipment pickup as needed.


·        Professional Setup and Service - Attendants who will make your event something special.


·        All Appropriate Equipment to keep hot food hot and cold items cold as well as serving utensils.


·        Cost Management - event budget management  and straightforward billing for corporate, college or schools, private (both guest and professional), parties ans government organization events and contracted food services.


Specialty deli sandwich and wrap selections that comes with hous-made sauces, side pieces and more.


Delicious smoked backyard barbecue buffet that comes with hous-made side pieces, and southern daily delights. 


Catering so special you know from the taste that is one-of-a-kind Artisan Soul servings.


When you need your event to be unique, chic and catered with indulgent foods, let us get you ready because we do catering with Love!


We provide tons of creativity to give your event the look and feel you desire.  We provide self-service station buffets, or service attendants or delivery staff just dropping off food order.


Specialized buffet settings with the equipment needed to keep your food servings hot and full of flavor.


All catering items are available for pick up or delivery.  Additional trays, party dips, cooked meats & beverages are available upon request.

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