Bad & Bougee
is the best until the best pays us a visit!
It's Addictive!

"Food is my passion and my art is creating a delicious and surprising 

dish that will overwhelm your every sense."  Chef YeYe


Chef Yeye takes on Soul Food, American, other Ethnic cuisines and has created a cured combination of foods and flavors called "soul fusion"

comfort food.  Artisan Soul Fusion Comfort Food are where spice-ology, 

a mom's love and great tastes - have shaped a daughters passion for great eats. 


The new uproar for underground comfort food are brought together through travels and childhood memories (a childhood that reminds you of joyful loving times) to traveling the world and quite simply personal desire and sheer passion.  The Bside Menu is where the flavors from the East meets West and where flavors from the North returns to the South.  We offer condiments & sauces product line we call VOODOO! 


Bad & Bougee Foodz is a creation of  love missed and desired to youthful nostalgia.  Here at Bad & Bougee Foodz we put our heart and soul into every component of every dish and everything we do!  Fact, the Kitchen is passionate about good foods.

Good foods with flavor.

Chef YeYe 

Family is built around Foodz!

Food brings Families closer Together

Join the uproar!

There is no Love more sincere than the Love of Food

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