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skirt steak
mac & cheese
black eyed peas
Catering Grazing Table
meatballs catered
Ethiopian Fried Chicken
Banana Pudding
lobster mac
Druken Fettucine Bowl with Shrimp
seafood platter
pizza alfredo combo bacon pesto
catering deli
catering buffet
Catering Charcuterie Board
po boi sandwich
Philly Steak and Cheese Wrap

Since 2019, Bad & Bougee Foodz has expanded the food and beverage industry with our heritage cuisines. 
We are your premier
Click-Cater & Mortar company!
From small soirées to larger-than-life celebrations,
we are diligent with our services and our products. 
With e
very cuisine detail and with every service offered
we strive to make
fast-casual-comfort food
dining, takeout, and catering unique.
We are committed to creating a memorable
food and beverage experience!

We specialize in fast-casual-comfort food dining, catered events,
specialty food products
, vended meals, and hospitality management.  
We are not only an Eatery, Bevy Bar & Food Studio but we are a
Food Service Management Company that provides 
solutions for all of your food and beverage needs with a total
eCommerce influence built around selling products—ranging from brand products & merchandise and unprepared foods to made-to-order meals for delivery or takeout. 
In addition to our
Abevy (beverage) products, we offer a full range of management services to make your event or party planning seamless.
Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering, corporate event, social event, charity gala, or any other special occasion, our team takes the vision you have to the level it deserves to makes it unforgettable.


Bad & Bougee Foodz provides exquisite food and beverage menus for events
of all kinds.
We offer a variety of  packages that can be customized to fit your needs.

Private Food Services 
Corporate Events
Anniversary or Birthday Celebration
Festival or Vended Services

We provide "Hand-Crafted Food that go with our Hand-Crafted Service!"

Citrus Fruits
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